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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Current Progress in Teri Pakistan regarding "Shahe Villayat Gaus-ul-hind" Shri Paramhanse Dyal Advaitanand Ji Maharaj's Smadhi Sthal.

Dr. Ramesh Kumar Vankwani, Patron-in-chief of Pakistan Hindu Council and MNA, on Monday said that KPK government has failed to implement the Supreme Court orders for the protection of minorities living in the province, adding that the PTI chief Imran Khan’s recent visit to Sindh’s most controversial political figure, Mian Mithu, for inviting him to join PTI shows his non-seriousness regarding the minorities concerns. “Mian Mithu is responsible for a large number of forced conversions of innocent non-Muslim and minor girls in Sindh,” Dr. Ramesh Vankwani said, while talking to media outside the Supreme Court after appearing to Court No. 1, headed by Honorable Chief Justice Jawwad S. Khawaja, for a hearing on the issue of re-construction of the Hindu temple, here on Monday. Briefing the media about the Krishan Dawara Temple (actual area: 1204 sq. ft) and Samadhi of Shri Param Hans Ji Maharaj (400 sq. ft), the prominent Hindu lawmaker said that “out of the cumulative area of 1604 Square feet, only 184 sq. ft have been hand over so far which is just 11.5% ”. On the occasion, he also shared the documents with the media which he had submitted to the honorable court. According to the documents, the 250 sq. ft is illegally occupied by Mr. Shaista Mir and 1070 sq. ft. is illegally occupied by Mufti Iftikhar Uddin. According to ETB record, the settlement department allotted the Hindu property to Mufti Iftikhar illegally, which was latter cancelled by the Chairman ETPB, followed by the reference filed by the Deputy Administrator, Peshawar. “All the appeals filed by the occupant repeatedly in 1994, 1995, 1997, 1998, 1999, and 2015 were rejected every time,” Dr. Ramesh told. “Present status of both the occupation over evacuee trust properties is illegal in the eyes of law,” Dr. Ramesh shared a written report, signed by Asif Khan, Assistant Administrator, to the media. “…and the kind Deputy Commissioner Karak is requested to extend cooperation of district administration including revenue staff and law enforcing agencies in order to properly demarcate the area of Samadhi measuring 01-marla and 124-sq.ft currently amalgamated in the private property owned by legal heirs of Mr. Shaista Mir alongwith area of Krishan Dawara measuring 04-marlas and 116-sq.ft under illegal occupation of Mr. Iftikhar-ud-Din who has also amalgamated the said area in his privately owned property.” “and same vacated through district administration so that restoration / preservation work of Samadhi of Param Hans Jee Maharaj and Krishan Dawara could be executed in its true spirit in light of directions of August Supreme Court of Pakistan,” the report said. Dr. Ramesh, in another report which was signed by the Deputy Commissioner Karak, emphasized that Mufti Iftikhar had also taken Rs. 375,000 in 1997 from Hindu community but refused to vacate the Hindu holy place. “Again, in February 24, 2005, Maulana Atta ur Rehman and Maulana Hasan Jan, held a meeting with local community and gave the verdict in favour of Hindus but a local Molvi refused to accept and still creating the hurdles,” Dr. Ramesh said. “Today, the honorable Supreme Court has directed the Home Secretary KPK and ETPB to implement the previous decisions of the Supreme Court to vacate the possession and hire the professional architect to build the temple attached with the Samadhi within 45 days, and a comprehensive report should be submitted,” Dr. Ramesh told, informing that the Supreme Court has asked to hire Mr. Kamil Khan and Mr. Taimour who have experience to build the temples in Lahore. Dr. Ramesh also told the Supreme Court that the implementation of the Supreme Court directions for the protection of minorities’ rights is comparatively slow in Sindh, Balochistan and KPK. The honorable court has asked the advocate generals of Sindh, Balochistan and KPK to file a progress report on the implementation of the decision given by the Supreme Court on June 19, 2014. 


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